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Moving In Divine Timing


  1. Thanks Dr.Trimm, for this enriching, empowering, powerful, and life impacting and mind altering(renewing) word and teaching on God’s Divine Timing! God Bless You and I love you with the Love of Christ.

  2. Thank you …I would like to recieve these emails as often as they are published …and I do buy when I can …Dr. Cindy Trimm, my life has changed ever since Gid connected me with your teachings.

    Thank you,
    Tami Hayes

  3. This is one of God’s End time-Messengers for such a “TIME” AS THIS!!!I follow her with all my heart….she is my mentor, teacher success gurue….I love her and THANK MY GOD FOR HER…”THANK YOU!, DR. CINDY TRIMM…for hearing, obeying, and following the promptings of God to become a present day…Moses! for his people….me. Love you!!! can’t wait for October here in Birmingham!!!!

  4. Thank you for sharing this very timely video. However, the video
    Is not playing properly. It gets stuck and is unable to proceed.
    Thanks in advance for your attention to this matter,

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Andrea,

      Sorry you are experiencing trouble with the video! It appears to be working now. Please do try again.

      ~Team Dr. Cindy

  5. I am so encouraged and blessed by your ministry about authenticity, personal power and being in divine timing with God. My ministry seem to be flourishing in Durham NC and then I moved to Monks Corner Sc and the adjustment has been very challenging. So my consecration and dedication to move forward is something else to follow!I am beginning to follow these instructions.

  6. Thank you for this powerful teaching. God has drastically changed my life within the past 8 months to align me with His plan for my life. Your message clarified what has been happening and encouraged me to continue on the path I’ve been following. I am excited about my new life of promise, prosperity & success!

  7. Powerful and Blessed word…This is exactly what i need to hear right at this moment for my life.Still learning in God timing is so very valuable.Just reminding me that I am not where I need to be,where God wants me to be I need a Divine move at this present moment focused on God has for me right now.I though in my heart I know that doing God well and plan,it’s has being a disaster in my life.(Roadblocks,Set-up,Setback,and frustration)Thank you for a powerful word and such a Good God timely word and confirmation…

    May God Blessed!!

  8. Praise God for this time!

  9. Hi Dr. Trimm I am listening and following your instructions. I have prayerfully continued my preparation of being synchronized,syncopated and sequenced with God by the Holy spirit. Thank you very much for the much needed encouragement this was right on time …….. (speaking of synchronization). I thank God for you. If you have any more to say speak I God’s servant is always listening with all four ears.

  10. I’m so empowered in my life listening to you studies, I don’t have cable so I go online and you have blesses me with these teaching. Thank you I feel more equipped than ever especially my time with The Lord and my mind set. It’s been a tasking not knowing how to hear God.

  11. Thank you Dr. Trimm for this wonderful lesson.

    God Bless.
    Marsha M.

  12. Splendid! Dr. Cindy. I pray for good health, long life and deep wisdom of God for you to speak God’s oracles to God’s people. Am always challenge whenever I listen to your message. Keep on doing speaking God’s word and your reward will always come from the Almighty God. God bless you and stay bless.

  13. Dr Trimm

    You are so en-pointe and on time with everything you have said in this show clip, I just had to affirm what you said concerning listening to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Just last week I had to share my testimony with others of how when the God says to do something, just do it, it may seem a little bit odd and off-key but like you I believe His word. He knows the end from the beginning.
    You and your team are doing a great job and the way you have stepped up the presentation of the gift which God has given you to share with the world is spectacular.
    Be encouraged and continue to do what only YOU can do!


  14. I like your teaching….u will help many people along the way….blessed

  15. This is a prompting for me to move into my divine timing . Thank you Dr. Trimm! Your books and just searching your website today has brought me hope with insight to life forward.


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